Millfield was the venue last Sunday for the Jackie Faichney Cup semi final between Haddington Athletic 2006’s and Currie Star Blues. Both sides had recorded victories in their previous meetings earlier in the season and a close match was anticipated. The young Hi Hi’s looked the likelier side in the opening half and they broke the deadlock with an excellent header from Adam Dursan. As expected Currie had more of the game after the break and they came close to equalising on several occasions. Haddington defended well and kept their visitors at bay. Goalkeeper Reece Rudyj pulled off an important save minutes before his side scored the all important second goal. Blair Ross was in perfect position to head in a corner from the right to give his side a two goal margin. Just minutes later the Currie goalkeeper misjudged a high ball and Blair Ross took full advantage and ensured that his side would be playing in the final. Both sides deserve great credit for serving up a keenly contested match that was enjoyed by a healthy crowd of 167.