The first real bad weather of the winter meant that there many games called off last weekend. Despite covering both goalmouths in an attempt to beat the frost, Millfield groundsman John Henderson had to admit defeat on Saturday morning and Haddington’s Premier Division match against Penicuik Athletic was called off. With sub zero temperatures continuing into this week and little sign of a thaw until the weekend, Haddington’s Premier Division match against Sauchie at Millfield must be considered doubtful. Clubs were given the option of calling off games last Friday and a similar process is likely to be in place this week so it is expected that many matches will be postponed then. If the Millfield pitch again fails to beat the weather, then the Hi Hi’s next game will be an East Lothian derby against Musselburgh Athletic at Olive Bank on Friday 30th December with a 7.30pm kick off.