Haddington’s important league game against Kinnoull at Millfield last Saturday had to be abandoned after the visiting goalkeeper, Jordan Kinnon, suffered a serious knee injury. There were 38 minutes played when Keiran Grant floated in a cross which landed on top of the net and ‘keeper Kinnon collided with the goalframe as he followed the flight of the ball. The offer of a stretcher was refused by Kinnoull officials who didn’t want to risk moving the injured player and a call was made for an ambulance. The referee was keen to restart the game at some point but it became obvious that as time passed and no ambulance had appeared, that he would have no option but to abandon the game. Over an hour passed before he called the game off. The emergency services appeared ninety minutes after the initial call and the player was transferred to ERI where he subsequently underwent an operation. It was a beautiful day for football and a crowd of around 110 were disappointed not to have seen the game completed. The game was goalless when it came to a premature halt with the home side building up a head of steam and the general view was that they looked likely winners. Manager Joe Hamill was disappointed as he was confident of the outcome but like everyone else he will have to wait to hear when the match will be rescheduled.